Equipment Servicing

As the North’s leading diver training provider, you would expect us to provide a first class support service for your equipment. We can repair and maintain your diving equipment, including repairs to wetsuits, drysuits, cylinders, regulators and BCD’s. We also supply air to industry Standards and our trained staff have the facilities to blend Nitrox and Tri-mix.

Our service team is led by an ASSETT Advanced SCUBA Technician with the engineers qualified to service and maintain all leading makes of diving equipment, and keep up-to-date with the latest developments by attending industry and service update seminars.


Air Guns - Fills, Servicing & Accessories

We are able to provide air fills upto 300bar for just £3.50 per cylinder 232bar for £3.00

We can also service your air gun charging system, full hydrostatic test costs £37.50 which is currently required every 5 years.

We are able to supply charging cylinders (which come complete with 20 free refills), charging kits and a wide range of adaptors and accessories.


Some of the manufacturers we work with:

TUSA  Sherwood   Uwatec   Water Reef  Aqua Lung  Atomic  Custom Divers  Deep Outdoors   Dive Rite   Faber   Force Fin   Fourth Element  Luxfer   Metal Sub   Poseidon   Princeton Tec   Scuba Pro   Sea and Sea   Suunto   Typhoon   UK   US Divers  Apeks   Dacor   Mares  Oceanic  Seac Sub  Beuchat 

How long? How much?

Please call us for prices and repair / servicing times.

PADI   Beuchat  Aqua Lung  Uwatec  Suunto  Poseidon  Force Fin  Deep Outdoors  4th Element