Full Time Staff

MartinMartin Ainsworth, Director of Instructor Development - PADI Course Director / EFR Instructor Trainer
Martin has been diving for over 20 years starting in the UK and then eventually doing his instructor exam in 1992. Since then Martin has been actively teaching in the UK and diving around the world in the Maldives, Australia, Bali, Borneo, Egypt, USA, Canada and the Philippines before reaching his goal of Course Director in 2003. Martin has set up dive centres in both the UK and Europe prior to developing and opening an inland dive site, the Blue Lagoon, which enabled him to map his experience in all aspects of diving into our Instructor Development Courses. Martin is currently focused on running an active instructor development calendar across our two dive centres in addition to developing our own distinctive specialty courses and teaching instructor courses for other centres in the UK, Malta, Turkey and Cape Verde. Martin has consistently achieved gold status within the Course Director frequent trainer program for the last three years teaching between 50 and 100 instructor courses a year, so if you are interested in any aspect of instructor development from Divemaster onwards, feel free to give him a call.

SharonSharon Ainsworth, Director of Training - PADI Course Director / EFR Instructor Trainer
As the training manager at Above & Below, Sharon strives to keep a professional and organised atmosphere whilst mentoring our new and enthusiastic instructors to provide a fun and exciting one. Having a Masters Degree in Aquatic Ecology Sharon is always focused on promoting the environmental awareness elements of our dive programs in addition to promoting and developing our academic programs for schools and universities. Sharon is always around so anything you want to know just ask....



Casual Staff


Pete Bloom, Divemaster & Service Technician

Pete learnt to dive with us way back in 2006 and it was not long before he became Divemaster but also developed a fascination for stripping regulators to pieces and promptlycompleted every service technician

course you can think of. Pete's main passion in diving is Cave Diving and has been known to actually strip his regulator down whilst in a cave to check it ! It can be difficult to spot Pete due to the speed he walks at which

does break the site speed limit !





Other professionals (that we would be lost without)

  • Master Instructors:
  • James Wright
  • IDC Staff Instructors:
  • Mark Bostock
  • Carl Shaw
  • Neil Collins
  • Gary Molson
  • Master Scuba Diver Trainers:
  • Rob Green
  • Joanne Southard
  • Open Water Scuba Instructors:
  • Mark Kiddle
  • Gavin Smith
  • Charlie Dunn
  • Jane Brooke
  • Simon Brooke
  • Craig Jones
  • Ron Powell
  • Will Dowling
  • Divemasters & EFR Instructors:
  • Dave Leng
  • Catherine Leng
  • Divemasters
  • Lee Temperton
  • Khalid Mohsen
  • Phil Robinson
  • Keven DiPar
  • Matthew Marriott
  • Trainee Divemasters:
  • Vikki Gibson
  • James Hargraves
  • Jeremy Carey
  • Neil Walmsley
  • Ellie Broadribb
  • Immy Dale
  • Jack Gibson
  • Joe Toker
  • Jordan Pepper
  • Matt Legard
  • Mike Calvert
  • Phil Thompson
  • Rick McCumskay
  • Jay Hodgson
  • Craig Hessey
  • Georgina Hayes
  • Tabatha Craig
  • Simon Winter

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